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Welcome to my Web site!

I am a divorced 44 year old Christian man.  I have a strong interest in The Church, linguistics, computer programming, RPGs, and business.

By trade I am a programmer in the print and mail industry.  The following are some software packages or programs that I use:

  • korn, awk, some postscript

  • Doc1, Mailstream, Code1

I am a priest in the United Catholic Church.


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I was married quite young in a civil ceremony with a non-catholic girl. 

From her attitude and some things she said after she left me, it is apparent that she married me for wrong reasons, and without a valid intention.

Being young myself at the time, my own intentions were also suspect.

From a Roman Catholic viewpoint, the grace of the Marriage sacrament was never there.  If I was still under the authority of the Roman church, I would perhaps apply for an annulment.  It would most likely be granted without any deep investigation.  Since I am not under Rome, that step is not necessary.

I am not looking to get married again, although my orders do not prevent it.

Thank God we had no children.